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about VirtualGlobalPhone

One stop for all Telecom Solutions! a Trade Mark protected brand is a next-generation "Retail Telecom Services" of VIGIL INC LTD.

We are often asked what makes us different from other companies. The answer is many features, including scalable all-inclusive plans, truly the best support engineers in the industry and, finally, the massive investments we have made in our network infrastructure.

VIGIL's traffic-shaping system ensures your Voice traffic will know how to get to destination using the fastest path and best quality possible every time. Our advanced tools report voice traffic utilization patterns and potential bottlenecks before they occur, allowing us to proactively resolve network issues before they ever affect Voice performance.

Our History timeline of VirtualGlobalPhone!

VGP Ver 6.2

More coverage ; better price

Massive expansion of coverage with additional partner in the provider list.

Dec 28 2015
VGP Ver 6.0

Passionately Simplified

Rates, coverage is updated with all new design of the portal. A new method of SLA is designed. Business Phone infrastructure is enhanced with better server, bandwidth and software updates.

Sep 25 2015
Reseller, vgp ver 5.0

Become Reseller

Reseller program, social connect, Partnership Program launched.

Dec 2014
VGP partnered with more Telcos

Partnering With More Telcos

All new design of the portal, increased backend infrastructure capability including bandwidth. MOU and Partnership signed with 10 more telecom carrier.

Jan 2014
Network coverage

Rates and Coverage

New reduced rates, increased the coverage and stock of numbers to 10 folds.

June 2013
Business Phone

Business Phone

Started Business Phone service.

Oct 2012
You control

Total control

A new customer dashboard which gives more control and transparency to end customer.

Feb 2012
New and Advanced Switch

New and Advanced Switch

A major upgrade and investment done on the new teclo switches with capacity of more than 10,000 simultaneous call capacity.

Dec 2011
Toll-free Solutions


Expanded coverage to 60+ countries and started toll-free services.

Jan 2011
Online Chat

HQR system

A High quality routing system is developed, Ticket System and Online Chat implemented.

Aug 2010
Network Expansion

Fully Redundant Network

Coverage expands to 50 countries, major enhancement in the backend.

Sep 2009
NOC Support

24X7X365 NOC

Coverage expanded 25 countries with Support centre in Bangalore, India.

Dec 2008
Beta VirtualGlobalPhone

Beta Release

Trademark awarded by HK Govt to VirtualGlobalPhone, Coverage - 10 countries, Regulator allowed to operate from HK.

Aug 2008
VirtualGlobalPhone Founded

Founded and Funded

VIGIL INC LTD, to expand high quality, customer satisfaction to retail services. With brand virtualglobalphone.

Jan 2008

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