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Business Phone

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50+ features
Enterprise Level Functionality
Advanced Routing
Monitor & Get Reports
Powerful Utilities

Know your Business Phone System We provide you with a better way to connect, whether you're a small business or a large business.

Virtual receptionist (IVR)

Sound more professional with our fully featured IVR.

Huge Savings
Huge savings on calls

Make high quality with low cost calls to National, International and mobile telephone numbers.

SIP Service
SIP Trunk

SIP channels (VoIP phone lines) are included with Business Phone. Which will Help in configuring in your asterisk / IP Phone devices.

Call Records
Call recording

Keep a record of all conversations for later playback and analysis.

Call Hold
Call hold (with music)
Call Hold

Play music to callers while they are on hold.

Leave your message

Receive your voicemail messages as email attachments.

Unlimited Calling to VoIP destinations

Make free phone calls to other extensions or VGP's Phone numbers.

Call Detail Records
Call Detail records

Search through and view your call records.

Ring Groups
Simultaneous Ringing
Ring groups

When a number is called, group of extensions can receive call same time.

Audio conferencing

Arrange audio conferences with internal and external callers.

Call forwarding and Follow me
Call follows you

Forward calls to another extension. Ring each of your phones until you answer one.

Caller ID
Caller ID display
CID Control

Select whether or not to display your Caller ID when making calls.

Online control panel
Web Access

Easily configure settings from any web browser.

Business Time
Configurable business hours
Business Time

Set your business hours and divert calls at other times. or Adjust how calls are managed according to the time of day.

Custom Ring
Custom ring tones
Ring Tone

Set different ring tones for certain numbers.

ACD queues
Call Queue

Automatically distribute inbound calls and let caller know their place in the queue.

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About Us

We provide local phone numbers in more than 60 countries. Calls to this local phone are forwarded to the phone number you choose anywhere in the world. With our own carrier-class infrastructure deployed and have strategic partners in many countries that enable us to offer you high quality of services with effective rates and unsurpassed voice quality.

What's DID

A DID, also know as Virtual Number, is a telephone number without a directly assosciate telephone line. Usually these numbers are programmed to forward incming calls to one of the pre-set Phone Fixed, mobile or VoIP. These numbers can work as gateway between tradition calls (PSTN and VoIP. Othe names are follow-me number.