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Know Your Regular / Toll-free / Business Phone

  • My Number ?Open or Close

    If you have completed the order then number will be provisioned and sent via email within next 3 to 6 hours.

    If you have already received the number then call your VirtualGlobalPhone number or inform your customer / friends or family member to make a local call.
    If you still not been able to receive the call on your forwarding number, then use the chat link below or call any of the number above to talk to our engineers. One of us will be happy to guide you.

  • How do i change the forwarding number?Open or Close

    You can change the forwarding number from the control panel.

    Below are steps

    First , Log into client area at (from a macromedia flash supported web browser)
    Login to

    Then, look for "answering rules" as shown below. Enter your new number in e.164 format which is country code and phone number without any + symbol or 00 digits. Example for USA number 19092659077 for Hong Kong enter 85258086888

    VirtualGlobalPhone Answering Rules

  • VoicemailOpen or Close

    Your number is pre-configured to go to default voicemail if no phones are answered. And the recorded file will be sent to your registered email in wav format.

    If you want to change the order and configure different email follow below steps.
    Look for answering rules.

    VirtualGlobalPhone Answering Rules

    To change the email addresses follow below screen

    Answering Rules
  • Internet enabled Smart Phone / Apple / Android setup Open or Close

    Every paid customer account is enabled with minimum of one SIP account which can be used on our PC to Phone Software or Internet enabled smart phone apps or any other SIP device to receive incoming call or to call out.

    To set up this refer to our supported-device page and choose here.

    DID YOU KNOW: Incoming call is not charged if call is received on internet based device. Please refer to our fair usage policy here.
    By default every call you make out using SIP device the receiving party sees your VirtualGlobalPhone number as the caller. Outgoing call rates are same as forwarding. Please click here to know the latest rates.

  • How to add funds?Open or Close

    Funds can be added to your account using your client area at

    add funds to VGP Step 1
    Then followed by the below screen. Add the necessary funds and click "add funds".

    add funds to VGP
  • Send messages (SMS)Open or Close

    Our system presently allows only sending SMS.

    Its done by either by using our PC to Phone software or web control panel. Please refer to this picture to send SMS

    SMS Outgoing SMS

    Note: To send SMS enter the country code and then the number. Example: 19092659077 for USA

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